About 13 Moons Women's Circle

Each month, the 13 Moons Women’s Circle gathers virtually. For 2020/21 we are following a Sacred Earth programme.

We journey together in a safe, sacred circle to explore what it means to be female in these often difficult times.  By using our Sacred Earth Medicine Wheel, we delve into a different theme each month over the course of 12 months.  There is a twelve month commitment.

Allison Marlowe and Lyn Thurman will guide you through their ROOT-BLOSSOM-REST approach to circle.

ROOT – Every month will be an opportunity to come together with other women to share and talk without judgement.

BLOSSOM – Explore your creativity with a themed activity.  It’s a chance to allow your inner girl-child to express herself.  Activities might include crafts, journalling or tapping into intuition through oracle cards.  No pressure for perfection – this is a time for wisdom to surface and a remembering of who you are through creative expression.

REST – We dive soul deep into the ancient practice of deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

The 13 Moons Women’s Circle following the Sacred Earth programme meets virtually on the first Saturday of each month from 2-4pm.

The circle is an opportunity to step outside of the demanding, modern world and to come together to remember our stories, our purpose and our very selves.  We come together to BE.

Initial spaces are limited.


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